Work out PayPal fees in a snap!

Okay so you want to know how much cash you need to add on to cover your PayPal Fees? Good, You're at the right place! Just select your country or manually put in the flat fee amount and the percentage PayPal charge in your country, and fill in either the amount you want to receive or how much a buyer is going to send, our nifty free tool will give you the digits you need.

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Heads Up! More PayPal rates for other countries coming real soon, hold tight whilst we add them! Want to see your country sooner? Get in touch and let us know!
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The calculations here are for guidence only and you should always check with PayPal of the latest fees they charge! We don't guarantee that these rates are accurate but they will give you a good idea of the maximum fee's you may get charged when receiving PayPal payments in your country.